Welcome to Shanti.Cafe!

Shanti.Cafe is run by loose group of friends who share passion to music and thought that why not to share that love with other people too!

Since we also love coffee (and other drinks) and all those small cafes, we also thought how could we take advantage of our professionalism and develop Shanti.Cafe website a little bit further. This is how the idea of connecting all those little and big Shanti Cafe’s under one website developed. In this way, we could also bring awareness to people about those small cafes as well and hopefully create income to them.

Since one person from our crew passed away 9.5.2021, this site is now in frozen state. Contact our sales people via email sales(you know the sign)shanti.cafe if you are intrested of buying the idea and domain, etc. Losing one of our vital crew member is too much and motivation is gone. Rest in Peace Vine, we miss you. :'(